• Santa Cruz antique houses with wooden balconies


Los Llanos de Aridane

Los Llanos de Aridane is the town you can see from the terrace of the house. It has a parking garage, supermarkets, pedestrian boulevards and restaurants.

The centre has a car free pedestrian area with luxurious boutiques where you can enjoy shopping for hours. In the middle lies Plaza de España. This square with large laurel trees has several cafes where everyone comes together and old men smoking cigars on benches watch the flirting young people and tourists walk by.

Los Llanos de Aridane is a 5-minute drive from Casa Pedregales.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is situated on the east coast of the island, and many people think it is the finest city of the Canaries. The lively old city centre has cobbled streets lined with characteristic houses with their distinctively coloured wooden balconies.

You can see from the architecture how prosperous the city was in the days of trade with America. Santa Cruz developed into the most important city of the Spanish empire, after Seville and Antwerp. Ships sailing from Spain to the New World stopped over in this city to stock up on water and provisions.

Santa Cruz is a 45-minute drive from Casa Pedregales.

Shopping street of Santa Cruz de La Palma

Street cafe Santa Cruz de la Palma
Bookshop Santa Cruz de La Palma
Kiosk Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma