• Tazacorte beach


Tazacorte beach
The houses at the sandy beach of Tazacorte are painted in different colours which makes for a picturesque and friendly atmosphere. On the boulevard there are a few simple but tasty fish restaurants. At the end of the boulevard near the breakwater, the sea is calm and suitable for swimming. The part of the beach on the side of Tazacorte harbour has a nudist beach.

Puerto Naos beach (temporarily inaccessible)
Puerto Naos is a long comfortable sandy beach with palm trees providing shade. There are fresh water showers available and sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent. The large boulevard has a number of pleasant bars and restaurants.

Charco Verde
Charco Verde is a simple wide sandy beach a few kilometres south of Puerto Naos. The bay is surrounded by rocks and banana trees and has a calm sea. There are parking spaces and a kiosk that is open irregularly.

Playa Norales
Playa Norales, located on the east side of the island north of Santa Cruz, is a beautiful remote sandy beach at the base of a towering cliff. Playa Norales is easy accessible, has ample parking space and a 500m path leading to the beach below.

Charco Azul
Charco Azul is a beautiful natural swimming pool in the northeast of La Palma north of San Andrés. The pool is carved out in the black lava and is filled by water from the ocean. There are parking spaces, toilets and a restaurant.

Terrace beach Tazacorte, La Palma

Sunny beach Tazacorte
Little boys on the beach of Puerto Naos, La Palma
Oceaan coast La Palma