• Diving on La Palma


La Palma has a surprisingly beautiful and extraordinary underwater world. The deep blue colour of the Atlantic Ocean alternated with fanciful rock formations and lava rocks make it to a unique diving area.

There is plenty of fish in La Palma, ranging from small neon-like coloured fish to cuttlefish, barracudas and extraordinary stingrays. At more than 30 meters the black coral can be found, which has actually a more deep red brownish colour.

Diving is possible throughout the year. No boat is needed to reach the dive sites, diving takes place directly from shore. Most dive sites are little affected by currents. The temperature of the water during the winter months is around 18 degrees and in summer around 25 degrees.

La Palma is a quiet island, not spoiled by mass tourism. The dive areas are therefore always quiet and the groups are small. Chances are you will merely see fish during your dive. And the only things you’re likely to hear are your own bubbles and the chattering of dolphins in the distance.

For more information please visit Diving at La Palma.

Diving together on La Palma

Seahorse, diving La Palma
Starfish, diving La Palma
Diver makes OK sign, La Palma